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Interview with The Way of Us

I’m eternally grateful to Samora Chapman for this generous profile he wrote about me for Superbalist’s blog: The Way of Us. This was towards the end of the Durban is Yours days and it’s a pretty accurate representation of where I was at that time.

“It’s dusk on a warm winter evening in Tropic City. I park my car under the watchful eye of The Terminator and head along Umbilo Road, hoping like hell that my car doesn’t get nicked. This edge of Umbilo is a weird space – part industrial, part low-income housing, squeezed between seedy bars, factories and sordid hotels. Not your average neighbourhood for an ambitious young entrepreneur at the forefront of the creative scene, but this is where you’ll find the enigmatic Bob Perfect.  

Bob’s a chameleon. A music journalist first and foremost – founder of Durban Is Yours (the definitive local youth culture blog) and contributor to the likes of Noisey, Hypetrack and Platform – he’s also a stand-up comedian, DJ, photographer, party liaison, pro-wrestling fan, magic nerd and cricket coach, To name just a few of his more recent incarnations.

After a few phone calls, Bob emerges from Havelock Court looking like a ghetto prince in his gaudy gold ski jacket.

“I moved into this flat with my mom when I was one,” he says as we take a stroll. “A few years ago she moved to Johannesburg and I just kept living here.” I do the math: that’s 27 years in the same house in the same ‘hood.””

Read the full interview here.

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