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JBS Returns – Almost Perfect Podcast #112

Jumping Back Slash is a musician, producer, and mix engineer. You probably know and love Jaybles already. He’s been rather influential behind the scenes of South Africa’s underground electronic music scene. JBS has mixed many of your left-of-center favs and given plenty of helpful advice to younger producers. We don’t talk about any of that though. If you want to get to know JBS’s life story, go listen to the first podcast that we did. If you want to listen to a man discuss his slow descent into madness and the music that came out of it, then do we have the podcast for you.

In this podcast, we chat about Jumping Back Slash’s upcoming album, ‘A Map Of The Hills I Chose To Die On’. The darkness and isolation of the last two years definitely seeped into JBS’s creative output and the album is truly a product of its time. JBS and I also dig deep on the lessons learned (or the lack thereof) during the pandemic and how it’s often the gigs you don’t take that make the biggest difference. We also talk about the importance of burning bridges, trying to stay present and grateful, and how he found a guitarist for the album on Fiverr. Enjoy.

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Check Swak Catalog for ‘A Map Of The Hills I Chose To Die On’ on 3 December: https://swakcatalog.bandcamp.com

Photo by Jono Kyriakou.

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