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King Shaft – Almost Perfect Podcast #129

King Shaft is a director, producer, and writer. He co-directed “1960” which opened this year’s Durban International Film Festival and won the award for Best South African Feature Film at the fest. We chatted the morning after the opening where the elated director shared his joy over the achievement, especially since project faced a number of issues and was mostly fuelled over the finish line by passion.

In this episode of the podcast, we reflect on an impressive career that spans nearly 2 decades. We hear about his early days directing music videos for the likes of HHP and Mandoza, and learn from Shaft’s experiences directing Skeem Saam and Uzalo. Shaft also shares the joys and pains of making “1960”, and how budget limitations actually allowed them to focus more on the human stories they told rather than getting distracted by big action scenes. Enjoy.

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