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Lindy Johnson – Almost Perfect Podcast #159

Lindy Johnson is a comedian and writer, known for her appearances on Trevor Noah’s NationWild and some of the biggest stages across South Africa. She’s also made her mark behind the scenes, writing for TV shows and roasts, including The Roast of Minnie Dlamini . Lindy’s versatility allows her to thrive in different comedic ventures, helping her sustain her career and even considering the idea of maybe one day buying a house- who knew you could do that with jokes?

In this episode, we have a fun and candid chat with Lindy. We discuss her career move to writing, her journey through comedy, and her personal battles with mental health during lockdown. From wanting to take an “eternal nap” to learning to give a fuck again, Lindy shares her experiences with hilarious honesty. We also delve into the challenges of being a comedian in South Africa, including the inconsistency of gigs and which makes it difficult to stay at the top of your game. Oh, and, uh, we get into whether or not being a gynaecologist is a dream job for men. Enjoy.

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