Live with Waylene Beukes & Rob Forbes ft. Mojak Lehoko • Almost Perfect

Live with Waylene Beukes & Rob Forbes ft. Mojak Lehoko

It’s the first ever live episode of The Almost Perfect Podcast and what a great episode it is. Hands down the funniest episode of the podcast to date. Content creating comedian Waylene Beukes and seasoned radio DJ Rob Forbes provided many laughs trying to tell me their life stories whilst nursing hang overs. Being the only person not on the jol the night before, Mojak Lehoko helped get the ball rolling by joining us for the first 5 minutes.

Ja, next time I need to get a mic for the audience, and I need to describe things better for the listener at home, and the sound could be better, but for a first time? It’s almost perfect. Enjoy.

A big thank you to The Chairman for hosting us, thanks to the Point Waterfront Arts Festival for asking me to get involved, and thanks to everyone who came and joined us.

Click here to listen on the platform of your choice or click play below.

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Photo by Matthew Cuthbert.

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