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Loyiso Gola – Almost Perfect Podcast #94

Loyiso Gola is a comedian. The twice Emmy-nominated host of Late Night News with Loyiso Gola has had a phenomenal career. He’s travelled the world telling jokes and earned many milestones that used to seem out of reach for South African comedians. He’s performed on Live at the Apollo, was a guest on QI, and recently dropped a one-hour special on Netflix that he’s been working on for the last six years called Unlearning.

On this episode of the podcast, we get into the intricacies and nuances of learning and unlearning. Loyiso is a deep-thinker who sets aside time to just ponder about the world, and we get to enjoy some of the fruits of that pondering. We discuss the value of extending empathy and understanding to people we disagree with. We get into balancing career and personal life and spending one’s time intentionally. And we learn some behind-the-scenes details about how Unlearning got put together. Enjoy.

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