Mitch Harper Returns – Almost Perfect Podcast #115

Mitch Harper is a freelance curator, cultural programmer, and film producer. Mitch returns to the podcast to fill us in on what he’s been up to over the last three years. Since we last had him on the podcast, Mitch has cemented himself even further into the film industry. From putting his money on the line as a producer through Ctrl, Alt, Shift to the Pan-African think tank ENGAGE, which he co-created, featuring at festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival and European Film Mart.

In this episode of the podcast, we learn about what a producer does and get some insight into how the SA film industry works. We hear about the challenges of taking the Durban Film Mart online due to the pandemic. Mitch shares how he got into producing. We also find out what he learned from working at Trademark Tattoo. Oh, and as is tradition, Skynet comes up. Enjoy. 

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Photo by Paige Furness.

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