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MX – Almost Perfect Podcast #124

MX is a rapper who streams freestyle sessions on Twitch. The rapper has been a part of the Durban hip-hop scene since he was a teen, but recently he’s found himself part of an international community of likeminded people thanks to streaming. As an introverted artist, MX has found freedom through the internet.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into the importance of living with purpose and learning to define success for yourself instead of confirming to societal ideals. MX understands that we’ve all got our own paths to take and he’s just following his. He talks about the lessons learned from success and failures in the rap game. MX shares how his day job has positively impacted his artistic career. We also learn how he’s built a community through Twitch and Discord, and how live streaming his freestyles has made him a better rapper. Enjoy. 

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