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Nax – Almost Perfect Podcast #92

Nax (Matthieu “Makkie” Auriacombe) is a musician and producer. Born in France but raised in Pretoria, Nax was destined to make music due to his dad, his uncle, and his brother (Johan Auriacombe) all being musicians. His mom even bought him and his brother their first instruments. Since then it’s been a whirlwind ride that’s taken him all over the country in a number of different bands.

In this podcast, we hear about Nax’s early days as the kidofdoom merch guy before becoming the bassist. We get into his solo project, Hello Beautiful, and his time with Beach Party before diving into his current band, Van Pletzen. It turns out that while Van Pletzen is all love, they occasionally have to deal with hate. Nax tries not to let it get to him and shares how he’s managed to turn haters into lovers. We learn about Nax and Peach’s relationship at Planet Awesome before they formed Van Pletzen. Nax also shares a number of behind the scenes stories that you’ve never heard before. Enjoy.

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