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Nina Erasmus – Almost Perfect Podcast #122

Nina Erasmus is a dancer, actor, and visual artist. Multifaceted to say the least, creativity is the driving force behind Nina’s life. Nina’s lifelong passion for dance saw her studying dance and drama at CODA, which opened up the world of acting to her. You might recognise her as the star of the Hallie Haller directed short film, Belovely. While dance is still her first love, her filmography is steadily growing as she works on ways to combine the two.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into how she balances her various artistic endeavours with making a living. We chat about coffee table books and why she makes collages out of them. Nina shares how she found her passion for teaching through Pilates. We also get into the importance of dreaming big and staying focused on your goals whilst learning as you go. Enjoy. 

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