Noisey: Meet Push Push the Polarizing SA Rapper Who Doesn’t Give a Damn What You Think

“The first time I met Nicci St. Bruce—or Push Push as she’s known in her musical incarnation—I hated her. A lot of people do. That’s what happens when if you’re a brash, stylish woman who owns her shit: you’re polarizing. But it’s taken some time to find out just what exactly that shit is.

The petite Greek has been a music lover from a young age, but it took years to build the confidence to clamber on stage herself. Growing up in the small coastal town of Port Elizabeth, St. Bruce “played every instrument and did every type of dance.” Her passion for performing continued when she moved to Cape Town at 16 and took up music lessons. Nicci dreamed of studying music theatre but self-doubt got in the way. “I sound like Fran Drescher from Port Elizabeth.” So instead, she went into fashion, then law, then blogging for Bitches Must Know (now reimagined as They Know). Her first time making music was with the rap crew Oh! Dark Arrow before finally venturing on her own. In the meantime, St. Bruce has been a stripper, a presenter, a model as well a host of other modern job titles that wouldn’t exist without the internet. Basically, she’s been busy.”

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