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Nondu Lehutso – Almost Perfect Podcast #125

Nondu Lehutso is a podcaster and journalist. The host of The NDL Show has had a lifelong love of broadcast journalism which she traces back to watching 3 Talk With Noeleen with her mom. Since then, she’s been on a steadfast path. She’s earned her BA in Media Studies & International Relations and her Honours in Journalism and Media Studies, and was even in the national choir in high school- which explains her silky smooth voice. All of which has lead to her currently working in finance journalism when she’s not podcasting.

Whilst doing her honours last year, Nondu was shot by police during a student protest. She shares the effects it had on her and how it made an already difficult year much worse. We also learn what it’s like to grow up as a pastor’s daughter, and get into the joys and pains of podcasting. Enjoy.

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