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Olivia Mortimer – Almost Perfect Podcast #118

Olivia Mortimer is a photographer and filmmaker. Her work has been featured in Times Square and magazines around the world. Surprisingly, she failed photography in varsity. Olivia’s faced a number of hurdles trying to enter into the film and photography industries but, through letting go, life-changing opportunities serendipitously found her. She almost gave up on photography as a career, now she’s an internationally published photographer.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into mindfulness and the power of letting go of things you can’t control. Olivia openly shares her journey with therapy and how it’s helped her. We talk about growing up in Pretoria’s press pits and coming of age in Joburg’s creative scene. We hear how discrimination in the film industry and an unsupportive lecturer put a damper on Olivia’s professional creative dreams. And we hear how the opportunity of a lifetime reignited her belief in her self. Enjoy.

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