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PJ Black – Almost Perfect Podcast #107

PJ Black is a professional wrestler. He’s wrestled in 65 countries over his storied career which all began under his father’s tutelage here in South Africa. PJ has held titles in countless wrestling promotions including the WWE as Justin Gabriel. These days it seems like PJ is mostly just focused on having a good time both inside the ring and out. When he’s not doing 450 Splashes off the top rope, he can be found jumping off of buildings and out of planes. 

In this podcast, we get into the history of how PJ went from refereeing matches in South Africa to wrestling at Wrestlemania and beyond. PJ shares how a potentially career-ending injury lead him to meditation. It’s had remarkable impact on his life. It turns out that there are also meditative aspects of falling through the sky. We get into why PJ chose ROH over going back to the WWE. We discuss the creative aspects of wrestling and what it’s like to always be performing on a razor’s edge in front of a live audience. PJ shares how he came to join Lucha Underground and just how fun it was to team with Jack Evans. And we also chat about what it would mean for him to achieve his life-long dream of wrestling at The Tokyo Dome. Enjoy. 

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