Platform: RudeBoyz, iGqom’s Export Market, and the Paradox of Leading-Edge Music in Durban

“Rudeboyz have all the makings of a kinda rags-to-riches story. Three friends who live on the same street in KwaDabeka in Durban, KZN, Massive Q, Menchess and Andile T, get together and start playing with a new experimental form of music called Gqom. They take their music to a small dive bar in the Durban CBD, 58 on Albany, and the crowd gets into it. That music takes off and they find themselves at the forefront of a new scene in their hometown. The three friends put their music on the internet and it gets found by a label in London. That label, Goon Club Allstars, then puts out the first-ever Gqom record on vinyl and the Rudeboyz start to receive worldwide recognition with media buzz from the big names like The Guardian, Boiler Room and Vice. Next, comes the fame and the fortune right?
No. Well, not just yet. Maybe soon, but that all depends…”

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Image by Russell Grant.

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