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Rofhiwa Maneta – Almost Perfect Podcast #102

Rofhiwa Maneta is a writer and arts and culture journalist. He’s been incredibly influential in documenting SA’s cultural scene over the years. You’ve no doubt read his work in the likes of New Frame, City Press, the Mail & Guardian, the Sunday Times, Vice and The Fader. Rofhiwa has also self-published multiple books, with his latest, Your Father, The Hip-Hop Head, drawing praise from his contemporaries and mentors alike. It’s a collection of candid essays about fatherhood and black boyhood through the lens of hip-hop that expresses the fears, insecurities, and self-reflection that comes with bringing another life into this world.

In this podcast, we lament the decline of journalism whilst sharing our tragic tales of chasing invoices when you’re on the freelance grind. We learn what it’s like to grow up with parents who are in the police force, especially when you’re listening to music that doesn’t have the kindest things to say about cops. Rofhiwa and I nerd out on Bo Burnham, Henry David Thoreau, and Jean Baudrillard. And Rofhiwa shares why he thinks you should never self-publish, or buy property when you’re young. Enjoy.

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Look out for his book, A Man, A Fire, A Corpse, from Blackbird Books in September.

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