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Samora Chapman – Almost Perfect Podcast #108

Samora Chapman is a photographer, writer, and journalist. Samora will be exhibiting at the Durban Art Gallery with Cedric Nunn in an exhibition called ‘Revelations’ from 23 Sep – 10 Nov. Quite an achievement for a street photographer who first started exploring the streets as a graffiti artist. Samora has come a long way since his rebellious youth although he still regularly nurtures the surfer/graf kid inside.

In this podcast, we take a look at the journey that got Samora to this point in his career. From the humble beginnings of just trying to get photos of his paintings to being exhibited in one of Durban’s most prestigious galleries. Samora has constantly hustled by creating his own exhibitions and opportunities. Now, he’s earned a place on hallowed walls. We reminisce over our shared experiences in the Durban creative scene. Samora was the editor at Mahala whilst I ran things at Durban Is Yours so we exchange tales from those trenches. We also hear where Samora has faced backlash and what he’s learned from it. Enjoy.

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