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Shanray van Wyk – Almost Perfect Podcast #120

Shanray van Wyk is a comedian, actor, and writer. While he says he’s lazy, his output says otherwise. Shanray kept busy during lockdown, and thanks to his nightly Instagram Live shows he is currently the face of Outsurance. Run George, a short film he wrote with Bongani Dube, was also finished during the pandemic and has been picked up by festivals around the world. He’s also back to performing his one-man show, Come I Tell You, after the pandemic brought a successful first run to an end.

In this podcast, we hear what it was like to manage the Melville Comedy Club, how lockdown brought everything to a halt, and what the journey of getting back on stage has been like for him. Shanray shares the particularly brutal criticism he and Bongani got about the first draft of Run George from an older comedian and how it motivated them. We hear about his rugby career that saw him playing provincially after only starting in matric. And we hear how giving that up that career influenced everything going forward. Enjoy.

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