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Sipho The Gift – Almost Perfect Podcast #106

Sipho The Gift is a musician. He started out his journey as a kid with a guitar but soon found himself drawn to ALL the instruments. It’s this deep love of all the mechanics of music that gives him a unique edge. While Sipho is best known as a rapper, I think his production might actually be his biggest strength. I’ve watched his career steadily grow over the years so it was a treat to get to chat with him at a point where it seems like everything is coming together for the independent artist.

In this podcast, we dig deep into what it’s like to be an independent alternative artist in a genre that’s saturated with copycats just trying to get signed. South Africa has an amazing diversity of hip-hop being created and consumed online but you’d never know it by listening to the radio. We also chat about how the internet has made Sipho’s independence possible. That independence takes a lot more work though, as you’ll learn as we discuss the business side of the music business. Enjoy.

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