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Werner Olckers – Almost Perfect Podcast #91

Werner Olckers is a musician, marketing manager, and sneaker enthusiast. You might remember him as the frontman for the indie-pop band Wrestlerish. Or you might have bought some sneakers from him at his sneaker boutique, Cop Capital. Werner has a wealth of experience under his belt as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of many facets of pop culture, so this is a fascinating and entertaining chat.

In this episode of the podcast, we find out what it was like to be a successful band during the peak of SA’s band scene. Learn about the highs, the lows, and why bands both loved and feared touring Durban. We get nostalgic whilst also discussing the traps of nostalgia and living in the past. Werner shares his love/hate relationship with Afrikaans culture and where he’s seen positive changes to the culture through alternative music and art. We hear about the effects of growing up surround by pop culture and the entertainment industry thanks to his parents. And we discuss what life has been like since Wrestlerish broke up. Enjoy.

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Photo by Henry Englebrecht.

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