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Yola Plaatjie – Almost Perfect Podcast #134

Yola Plaatjie is an actor (currently on eTV’s Durban Gen) and radio presenter who recently tried her hand at directing for the first time for the 48 Hour Film Festival. A film which Bob wrote and they both starred in called ‘The Sound of Murder’. We get into the dynamics of working under pressure with people for the first time and how having your partner on set can be really helpful for keeping tensions down.

In this episode, we hear about Yola’s childhood in the Eastern Cape and what she learned from her mom and her gran growing up. We find out how her love of acting was emboldened when she went to school in Rome and how she worked to make her dream happen. Yola also tells us how she came to play Dr Nangamso Jack on Durban Gen and the challenges of playing a character who is so different to her. Enjoy.

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