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Tiny Mungwe – Almost Perfect Podcast #67

Tiny Mungwe is a producer, director, and project manager (among many other job titles) who has been instrumental behind the scenes of some of Durban’s most important cultural projects. It all started with a bossy phone call 14 years ago and there have been many more ever since. While Tiny has been heavily involved in the Durban International Film Festival and Durban Film Mart, as well as various other festivals around the country, her day job is as a documentary producer for Steps. She’s also been working on a documentary about sex work in South Africa with Shanelle Jewnarain for the last 6 years and has been building a pan-African creative retreat in Inanda brick-by-brick for the last 4 years. 

Tiny is tenacious and driven and always seems to find a way to get things done whilst also showing great consideration for others. We get into the politics of curatorship and some of the concerns when it comes to programming a festival, and we also get into the nuances and hurdles that come with making a film about sex work in South Africa at this time. We learn how Tiny has forged her own path by constantly “just doing the thing” and not letting any setback stop her. As always, there’s a lot to learn from this one. Enjoy. 

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