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Matt Knight – Almost Perfect Podcast #66

Matt Knight is a pastor. Or, as he prefers, a pastor*. The asterisk is because, while Matt does officiate weddings and funerals from time to time, his role these days is mostly in HR and admin for a collection of 11 churches and an NGO that tackles multiple projects in Cape Town. Matt and I first met in the Burn, Willowvale, and Unit 11 days of the Durban music scene. We would occasionally team up on various projects to try and make things in the city a little bit better in the ways that we knew how. While things have changed a lot for both of us over the last decade, that drive to make the world a better place and our love of music and Simon Amstell has never wavered. 

The thing that might make this all rather interesting, I guess, is that I’m an atheist yet one of my favourite people is a pastor. For us, it’s never really been an issue. This was a cool opportunity to discuss some big ideas about the universe whilst also getting into the importance of acting locally. Maybe you’ve never really thought about why someone gets involved in the church, or maybe you have, either way, I think the reality of it all is probably different to what you might expect and Matt’s perspective will be useful regardless of your personal beliefs. Enjoy. 

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