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Simmi Areff – Almost Perfect Podcast #16

Simmi Areff is a comedian, podcaster, and maverick. The dude is living that Frank Sinatra life and doing things his way, and he’s finding success doing so. His podcast, Lesser Known Somebodies, is one of the most popular in South Africa, and his one-man show Lesser Known Somebody was picked up by Showmax. Considering the special was made for just R9k, there are more than a few lessons to be learned from this one.

I enjoy Simmi’s honesty as much as I enjoy when he’s full of shit. We go back a long way, so this episode has plenty of shit-talking from both sides. Simmi and I dive deep into SA comedy, podcasting, and our personal lives. We also hear how working with friends and calling in favours when you need them can help bring low-budget projects together. Enjoy.

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