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Jamie de Bruine – Almost Perfect Podcast #11

Jamie de Bruine is a model and sports presenter on DYR 105.1. Ok, that’s underselling her by quite a large amount. She is Miss Junior South Africa 2016, Miss Africa South 2017, and Miss Africa Tourism World 2017. The funny thing is that she didn’t even want to be a model in the first place.

Growing up, Jamie de Bruine was a tomboy who had a promising sporting career until life threw her a major curveball that changed her trajectory forever. I’ll let Jamie tell the story on the cast, but she’s had to overcome quite a lot of pain, both physical and mental, to get to where she’s at today. And while where she’s at today is rather impressive, Jamie has BIG plans for the future. We get a few exclusives on those plans in this chat. Jamie is only 21 yet she’s super motivated and is constantly putting in work to develop herself further. It’s pretty inspiring, especially since I was a shiftless layabout who was always caught up in the jol when I was 21.

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