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Annie Brookstone – Almost Perfect Podcast #63

Annie Brookstone is a former magazine boss type and current freelance writer and editor who has recently moved from Cape Town to Berlin. Annie pretty much has the dream career. She’s lucked out into watching porn, smoking weed, and masturbating, whilst getting to call it ‘research’. When she’s not writing about sex, cannabis or travel, her interests include getting tied up, learning how to fight the biggest guy in the room, and snacking. She’s also kak at wearing clothes. Annie is someone who I have followed online for years and through her writing is partially responsible for some of my (and maybe your) sex education.

On this podcast, we get into her early days starting out as a sex columnist for FHM and how it put her on her journey of publicly exploring the kinkier side of life. Annie’s career has spanned across publications and continents. From writing for the likes of Men’s Health and FHM to being the Acting Deputy Editor of Cosmopolitan. More recently, she’s been contributing to the wonderful weed focused website, Kush Kush. We talk about being tied up with ropes and we also talk about getting tied up in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. No surprises that the two share some similarities. It’s fair to say Annie lives life on her own terms- there’s truly so much to learn from her. Enjoy. 

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