Noisey: Meet Muzi, the South African Skater Kid Making Beats That’ll Break Your Chest

“Growing up as a skater in a South African township just outside of Empangeni in KwaZulu Natal, Muzi has become just a bit of a local wonderkid.

His childhood was spent in a relatively violent neighbourhood, and at the age of 13 he started making music on a 128MB RAM computer his mom bought him as a therapeutic escape. “Everyone thought we were fucking weird for making music when we were younger—outsiders,” he says, “because we didn’t play football or basketball or whatever. I was already, like, ‘weird’, but that made it worse.”

Nevertheless, he got his hands on eJay, Cubase One, and a cracked version of Fruity Loops, and the rest is history. Now, at the age of 24, his unique sound—a concoction of deep house and kwaito, sliced with trap beats and Zulu inspired vocals—has caught the attention of Diplo, The Prodigy, Rinse FM and many more, making him one of the most exciting electronic producers South Africa has to offer.”

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