Red Bull: Jaedon Daniel is a Prolific Polymorph

“If you keep your ear to the ground in the Durban music scene, you’ll hear a particular name pop up more than most these days: Jaedon Daniel. Ever since he gathered a group of musical prodigies together to play a few of his compositions as Blvck Crystals, the keyboardist from Reservoir Hills has had the attention and adoration of Durbanites who know what’s up. The Blvck Crystals have each since ventured out on their own paths, with the young keys maestro lending his talents where ever they’re needed around town. Whether it’s in the studio with some of Durban’s top artists like Kyle Deutsch, or on stage with bands like Afrogong and ByLwantsa’s NORMVLLY Busy, Jaedon has made a name for himself through collaboration.

Now though, it’s time for Jaedon to make his name as a solo artist and not just as someone who plays real nice with others. Jaedon dropped his debut solo album “Hold the Game” in November last year and is already following it up with an album-length EP just six months later. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him whilst he was in the process of recording the new music to discuss the hows and whys of this prolific young musician.”

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