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Rose Bonica – Almost Perfect Podcast #86

Rose Bonica is a music producer, 3D animator, and owner of the record label Roses are Red. In the four years that she’s been making music, Rose has quickly become your favourite producer’s favourite producer with her incredibly emotive compositions. While her career skyrocketed in 2020, it was a rather tough year emotionally and creatively for Rose.

This episode of the podcast is an honest chat full of laughs. We dig into the daunting task of overcoming writer’s block whilst simultaneously being praised for your previous work. We get into the nuances of navigating press and PR as a musician, and we hear about the time she flew to Berlin for a 6-week tour and came home after 4 days. Oh, and we also hear how Rose’s journey with 3D animation has mostly been fueled by free cellphone apps. Enjoy.

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Check out the music video for ‘Mouthful of Concrete’ below.

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Photo by Tatyana Levanal

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