Bubblegum Club: The Lessons Musicians Can Learn From Muzi

“If you’re a South African musician, there’s quite a bit that you can learn from Muzi. The charismatic producer from Empangeni seems to have one of the most level heads out of anyone I’ve met in the music industry, although he claims he’s “still figuring things out”. So there’s the first thing you can learn from him: humility. Despite already having a career many would be jealous of- moving to Berlin off of one song, releasing an innovative, genre-bending debut album called ‘Boom Shaka’, and getting positive press from the likes of The Fader and Noisey– Muzi says of his success so far, “I’m just building and I’ll just continue to build. When I come back here there’s the thing that it almost feels like I’m starting over. But I know now that I’m actually starting from a higher spot, a new level, but it’s just hard to get traction again.””

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