Noisey: MISSU Could Be the Spiciest Thing Out of Durban Since the Bunny Chow

“Durban, South Africa. A city famous for its weed, famous for the culinary delight that is the bunny chow, famous for its endless summer and pristine beaches. Famous for not making anyone famous. Have you ever heard of anyone from Durban? Didn’t think so. In South Africa, it’s become a running joke that for a Durbanite to ever “make it” as an artist, they have to leave. The talent-drain over the years has been relentless. While the city has always been a hotbed for South African talent, nurturing the likes of Riky RickOkmalumkoolkat, and Muzi, it’s usually once artists leave the 031 that they find success. The musical migration has been caused by a combination of factors over the years, such as lack of access to the industry, which is mostly in Jo’burg and Cape Town, lack of support from the city and its people, and lack of spaces to perform. Many of those challenges still exist, but lately, Durban’s come alive with the sounds of music, and the rest of South Africa, and the world, is listening. Gqom —which thump described as “kwaito records falling down the stairs”—has become an international trend, and locally, Babes Wodumo‘s Wololo has hit the mainstream becoming THE anthem of 2016. Rappers like Nasty CAewon Wolf, and Witness The Funk have all become national stars from the humble seaside town, and one of the most successful current commercial producers in the country, Sketchy Bongo, is also from Durban.”

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