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Lex LaFoy – Almost Perfect Podcast #14

Lex LaFoy might be one of the deepest thinkers we’ve had on the podcast so far. This rapper, activist, graduate, mother, poet, and all around dope person has just so much of herself to share. She’s an eternal student who is constantly reading and learning and has lot of interesting ideas of her own. 

We get into so many different topics, from the difference between meditation and prayer, to meeting Beyonce. We also talk all about her musical journey, from Lexicon the poet to Lex LaFoy- The Honey Bass Queen, and we also get into her upcoming EP release, twentytwo.  It’s a wild and thrilling ride. 

I make one or two mistakes on the cast, like saying Honey Bass was released in 2018 or that the Bible had nothing against nudity. But hey, it’s called The Almost Perfect Podcast for a reason. 

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Photo by Sabelo Mkhabela

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