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Mitchell Harper – Almost Perfect Podcast #13

Mitchell Harper is one of the most interesting people I know. He’s a multifaceted dude who has had a big impact behind the scenes in Durban.

You might know him as the vocalist for hardcore band Life Below, or you might have known him when he was a journalist for IOL, but the work that Mitch made the most impact with was helping put together the Durban International Film Festival, Poetry Africa, Jomba and Time of the Writer with the Center for Creative Arts. He’s currently freelancing and has found himself working on film festivals around the country. This gives him a unique perspective on the South African film scene. Few people have spent as much time behind the scenes of SA film festivals as Mitch has over the last few years. 

That being said, we spent most of this podcast talking about punching Nazis, the early days of Durban HxC, and Sunday nights at Joe Kools.

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