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Sanele Cele – Almost Perfect Podcast #40

Sanele Cele is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who has always gone against the grain. His unique hustle has lead to him building a unique career where, along with creating his own highly sought-after label that all your favourite musicians wear, Tepracha, Sanele has worked with brands like New Balance & Markham, and exhibited at SA Fashion Week as well as countless other fashion events. Not bad for a creative kid from Umlazi who was told he’d never make it in fashion by members of his own family. 

I met Sanele in 2011 where we teamed up for a blogging competition of all things. It was for a street culture event in Jozi called STR.CRD where everyone had shoes that cost more than our phones. It was a surreal experience for us but one that laid the seeds for our friendship and also our careers. As you’ll hear on the podcast, Sanele found ways to leverage the experience and has continued to build on every opportunity he gets. We reminisce over the early days of our careers and talk through some of the lessons we’ve learned since. We get into the importance of talking about money as creatives. Sanele also shares some of the weaknesses of the fashion industry in Durban and what changes can be made to improve them. Enjoy.

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