Almost Perfect #39 – Camilla Pontiggia

Camilla Pontiggia is a multi-media artist who mostly wears the hat of filmmaker these days. Camilla recently took the plunge from the safety of gainful employment to the unbuckled roller coaster that is freelance life. This lead to her attending the Durban Film Mart at this year’s Durban International Film Festival where we met at a round table discussion about documentary film making that I was facilitating. I was intrigued by the questions she asked about experimenting with the form of documentaries so I picked her brain a bit after the discussion and quickly realised she’d be a perfect guest for the podcast. 

Camilla has always known her purpose was to create art that has a positive impact on the world, but the who, what, when, where, and how haven’t always been as clear. Her artistic journey has been one of insecurity and uncertainty, something many of us can relate to, but with introspection and experience, Camilla is finding her voice and what she wants to say more and more. We get into the intricacies of the spaces between identities, and what people with dual identities have to offer the world. We also get into what Camilla learned at the DFM (and art school), the power of mockumentaries, and what makes The Mighty Boosh and Parks & Rec so great.

Keep up with Camilla on Vimeo and Instagram.

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