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Anna Travers – Almost Perfect Podcast #28

Anna Travers aka Tigertitz is a tattoo artist who is currently plying her trade at Trade Mark Tattoo. Anna started her journey as a tattoo artist as an apprentice when she was just 18. She took a detour to study for a few years before diving back into her true passion. With dedication and hard work, Anna has developed her own style and amassed a client base that features everyone from cute grannies to bikers. Anna’s work is inspired by the Kamasutra and traditional American tattoos, with a particular love for the colour black. 

Anna and I go way back. In this podcast, we dig into being a part of the music scene during the days of Unit 11. We explore her tattoo journey, and we learn about her recent wedding. We also find out whether or not you should get a tattoo at a music festival, how to get into tattooing, and how many dicks Anna has engraved into people’s skin. It’s a fun and informative one, enjoy. 

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