Kai Pretorius – Almost Perfect Podcast #97

Kai Pretorius is a dancer and teacher. Originally from Ramsgate, Kai now calls Amsterdam home after growing up in Durban. While Durban gave her a solid foundation and regular work at the top of the food chain, moving to Amsterdam saw Kai having to come to terms with being a small fish in a big pond. She had to find different ways to support herself whilst reimagining what the dance dream meant for her. Through perseverance, self-reflection, and learning new dance forms and practices, Kai has been able to overcome her initial failures to carve out a fruitful and meaningful life in Amsterdam.

In this episode of the podcast, we get into how Kai got into teaching dance and why it’s such a good fit for her. Kai shares how she had to let go of what she’d learned before to incorporate new dances into her skin. We learn about the somatic practice and discuss how dance, movement, and touch can be a catalyst for physical and mental healing. Kai and I reminisce about our past as frenemies and how much we’ve grown since our more fiery days. We also dig into Kai’s reality TV past as we hear about her So You Think You Can Dance journey. Enjoy.

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