Almost Perfect #72 – Carvin Goldstone Returns

Close-up photo of Carvin Goldstone looking sceptical

Carvin Goldstone is a comedian but you already knew that. Carvin is one of the most successful comedians to come out of Durban. With multiple successful international tours under his belt and a couple of popular specials on TV, Carvin has been living the stand-up comedy dream for a while now. So imagine my surprise when Carvin started this interview by talking about how much he’s been enjoying staying put and withdrawing from public life. 

Like many of us in the entertainment industry, Carvin started the lockdown by furiously creating content but soon found himself questioning “Why?”. In this episode, we chat about the online rat race and not wanting to participate in it anymore. We get into the importance of protecting your peace but how you have to try different things to really know whether or not they’re for you.  We also find out some behind-the-scenes info on how selling a comedy special in South Africa works, and we have an honest discussion about the past, present, and future of Durban comedy. Enjoy.

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