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Red Robyn – Almost Perfect Podcast #71

Red Robyn is a singer and multi-instrumentalist from Wentworth who recently moved to Cape Town to pursue her dreams before, well, you know. The sweet-voiced songbird used to dream of being Britney Spears but these days she just wants to travel with her guitar and spread love. Naturally, that’s a bit difficult at the moment. Lately, Robyn (Ashleigh de Gee) has found herself focusing on the more business side of the music business.

In this episode, we get into how dreams evolve over time. We get into how to maintain a healthy balance between success and failure in the music industry. We discuss her formative years studying drama and music at UKZN. It’s where she became a part of the phenomenal jazz-fusion band Blvck Crystals. That time period helped Red Robyn mature into the person and musician she is today, even if it was rather chaotic. These days Red Robyn has management and finds herself carefully scheduling her time between her solo career and as a band member in The World of Birds. Listen in as we find out how she went from releasing songs on Soundcloud to becoming one of SA’s most exciting young musicians. Enjoy.

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Photo by Paige Furness.

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