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Lazola Gola – Almost Perfect Podcast #70

Lazola Gola is a comedian, writer, and director who first got on stage to tell jokes in high school. While you’re never too young to start, you’re also never too old to try something new. Laz has spent his 30s pursuing directing alongside his comedy and writing. Laz has had such an impressive career already, but it feels like he’s only just begun exploring what he’s truly capable of.  

In this podcast, we learn how being exposed to comedy gigs at an early age helped make stand-up a tangible career for Laz. We get into the freedom and limitations of stand-up comedy. We discuss why some ideas work better on screen than on stage. Laz shares the importance of sticking to the script (literally) whilst also giving consideration to the many ways you can bring a script to life. And we get a peek into what it was like to be a part of the LNN writing room. Enjoy. 

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You can watch the Bantu Hour sketch that Laz and I mention on the podcast below.

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