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Conrad Koch – Almost Perfect Podcast #88

Conrad Koch is a comedian and ventriloquist with a background in anthropology. You probably know Chester Missing, one of Conrad’s creations who has come to take on a life of his own. What you probably don’t know that Chester has existed in some form or another for over 2 decades.

In this episode of the podcast, we learn how one starts talking to themselves as a career. Turns out you’ve got to be a bit of a weirdo. We get into how Conrad balances his corporate comedy act that pays the bills with his more challenging work that gets him sued. We take a deep dive into the history and identity of Chester whilst discussing the backlash that Conrad has received for it. Conrad tells us about the early days of the Cape Town comedy scene. And we hear how he and Chester came to work for LNN with Loyiso Gola. A move that helped skyrocket the character to national recognition. Enjoy.

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