Bubblegum Club: Lakuti, the South African Dance Music Legend You Should Know

“South African born, Berlin-based Lakuti (Lerato Khathi) is a force to be reckoned with. While she might not be a household name in South Africa these days, she has been making quite an impact on the European electronic music scene for over 20 years. In her extensive career, the DJ, label head, promoter, booking agent and LGBTQI advocate has racked up all the accolades in the music industry could ask or hope for whilst also giving back to the community. Like many promoters turned DJs, Lakuti started out DJing by playing records at her own events. Lakuti found her love for electronic music as part of the 90s electronic music scene in South Africa attending warehouse parties before making London her home in 1997. From there, the world was her dancefloor.”

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Photograph by Clara Nebeling

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