Portrait of Thor Rixon with Blonde hair, thin sunglasses, and hoop earings.

Thor Rixon – Almost Perfect Podcast #5

Thor Rixon is one of South Africa’s musical treasures. He’s an ever-evolving and truly unique character who creates impressive art that often resonates deeply. It almost always leaves me moved in some way or another. I’ve written about him and his music a few times over the years but I’m really stoked we got to have this longer, more in-depth chat than we’ve had on the record before.

We managed to cover enough for you to get a decent peek into Thor’s brain and what makes him tick. There’s a lot of value in learning how he’s managed to carve out a successful career making music that’s adventurous and honest.

In this episode, we learn about how instrumental his mom has been in his career. Which is why he’s named his latest album after her. We also find out all about the embarrassing early days of being in ska bands and being inspired by Jack Johnson, before finding his love of synths and electronic music.

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Watch Thor Rixon’s music video for ‘The Clown’ below.

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