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Colleen Balchin – Almost Perfect Podcast #20

Colleen Balchin aka Rosie Parade aka Coco is a promoter, DJ, actor, and mama to honeys in Jozi and around the country. Colleen and her partner Ri make up Broaden a New Sound- an umbrella label they use for the events and projects they put together. 

Together they manage the promoters at Kitcheners and book their own lineups there as well as whatever other cute spots they can find. Their philosophy is always to try and broaden perspectives and introduce people to new sounds, people, and ideas. The work they’ve done has had a major impact on the underground scene in South Africa. 

Colleen also heads up Pussy Party, a collective who are seeking to change the landscape of the SA party scene.

We get into how the art of clowning comes into play when working the door, what goes into booking a good lineup, and we learn about how they put together a 24+ hour non-stop celebration of music called Churn. Enjoy.

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Photo by Paige Furness.

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