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Muzi – Almost Perfect Podcast #50

Muzi is a musician who was successful long before you (or I) knew who he was. The DJ, producer, singer, and recent father is starting to blow up in South Africa, but he’s been making moves around the world for the better part of this decade. Muzi is the musician who I’ve interviewed the most in my career. His continued growth has been a beautiful thing to witness and is something I draw inspiration from, from time to time.

In this episode, we get into going where you’re wanted and finding your tribe by being yourself. We get into how Muzi’s navigated the music industry and avoided most of its pitfalls by continually reinvesting in himself. Muzi explains why he dropped out of med school and how it lead to him diving headfirst into making music. We also talk about necessity being the mother of invention when a set getting shortened lead to a whole new element being added to Muzi’s repertoire. There’s a lot of advice here for up-and-coming independent artists of all industries but musicians, in particular, should enjoy Muzi’s perspective on “The Industry” and his career. Enjoy.

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