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Louis de Villiers – Almost Perfect Podcast #8

Louis de Villiers is an artist and graphic designer born in Richard’s Bay, bred in Durban, and currently living in New York. Well, he’s currently in Durban for a few days, which is how I got to sit down and speak to him, but you know what I mean.

Louis has been back in SA for a few months to exhibit and do a few commissioned pieces around the country after kicking it to New York 3 years ago. Before leaving, Louis was one of the most prominent artists in Durban and was hugely instrumental in making art in Durban cool for a while. We have an open and candid conversation over a few blunts and beers about life since he’s left. It’s an honest look into the struggles of trying to make it in New York and South Africa at the same time, the differences between living and jolling here and there, and the kind of attitude that’s needed to continually take bold leaps. We find out how this delinquent went from tagging bathrooms to being asked to decorate heritage sites, and how he still has a mischevous spirit even if Skullboy has grown into Skullman.

This is probably the loosest episode to date and there are some issues with outside noise, but I hope you still enjoy the conversation as I think there’s a lot to learn from Louis de Villiers.

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