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Khanya Mtshali – Almost Perfect Podcast #119

Khanya Mtshali is a writer and a critic. Khanya has bylines in pretty much every noteworthy publication in South Africa, and quite a few overseas too. Not only that, she’s now a published author. She spent her time in lockdown writing a book on South African advertising called “It’s Not Inside, It’s On Top“. The book takes a critical look at how advertising has been shaped by the politics of the time and gives some fresh perspectives to phrases and images that are burned into our collective consciousness.

In this episode of the podcast, we have a frank discussion about working in a declining media industry. We talk about the importance of criticism and the challenges of being a critic in a small scene. The mental minefield that is social media comes up quite a bit. Khanya shares the difficulties of writing a research-based book in a pandemic. We briefly chat about her time at NYU and working in New York. And we talk about wrestling. Lots, and lots of wrestling. Enjoy.

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