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OkayAfrica: South African Rapper Push Push Lets Go of The Past With Her Latest EP ‘No Gods’

“Her latest EP ‘No Gods’ sees South African rapper Push Push going beyond previous limits as she opens up creatively and emotionally. She uses the EP to let go of the past and move forward with her life in LA.

For the last century or so, artists from around the world have converged on Los Angeles to seek out their fame and fortune. It’s a never-ending gold rush, although most of the prospectors leave empty-handed with their pockets turned out.

As it stands, underground South African rapper and singer Push Push (Nicci St. Bruce) has her hands full and her pockets are getting fatter. But when she initially left Cape Town, she never intended to move to LA. It just sort of happened. In hindsight, it was a stroke of genius. While the divisive musician was steadily building her career in South Africa, with South African and international media support (and even having a song featured on Broad City), she never could have imagined the opportunities that would open up by relocating.

Push Push has gone from working with some of SA’s best alternative artists like Thor Rixon and Alice Phoebe Lou to collaborating with the likes of Pussy Riot (Nadya Tolokonnikova) andTommy Lee (with Fred Durst directing the video), to putting out the fantastic No Gods EP in collaboration with her husband, Moon Bounce (Corey Regensberg).”

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Image by Beatriz Valim.

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