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Stiff Pap – Almost Perfect Podcast #103

Stiff Pap is an electronic music duo made up of Ayema Problem and Jakinda. The post-kwaito musicians recently released their second album TUFF TIME$ and it’s taking the internet by storm. It’s the only place they can take by storm at the moment, with lockdowns now a regular part of life in South Africa. TUFF TIME$ is a direct result of being locked in a room for months with only your anger and frustration fueling you.

In this podcast, we hear about Stiff Pap’s move to Joburg just before the pandemic hit. Things were going great for one of SA’s most exciting musical projects. They had international tours and experimental local events in the pipeline but that came to a screeching halt in 2020. While we obviously talk about the shit that we’re currently in, we also have plenty of laughs as we look back at the early days of Stiff Pap. We hear how they became friends thanks to Soundcloud and how it eventually lead to them making music together. You’re definitely gonna get a feel for their relationship through the back-and-forth banter. It turns out brutal honesty is the secret to their high-quality output. We also hear their plans and ideas for when it’s safe to perform again and what they’d like to do when given a decent budget. Enjoy.

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Photo by Unathi Mkonto.

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