Red Bull: Lex Lafoy Found Her Magic in the Chaos

“Durbanites are forever leaving the city to find fame, fortune, and themselves but it took coming back home for Lex LaFoy to find her magic.

Like most of us, 2020 has been a year of change and growth for Lex LaFoy. The biggest change in Lex’s life is that she once again calls Durban home. It’s not often musicians leave the cultural hub of Jozi for its less ambitious sister city, but when lockdown loomed in March, Lex realised that home is where the heart is, and her heart was in Durban.

Joburg just didn’t feel like the right fit for Lex anymore, “I mean, the apartment I was staying in, it was cold, it was mostly concrete. You know, one of those new-age apartments in Maboneng. I was dying. I was like, “Nah.” So I packed my shit and I came home. It’s been the best decision ever.” That’s not to say that she doesn’t still have a place in her heart for Jozi, “I mean, I love being in Joburg. I feel like I learned what I needed to learn. I gained the experience and the business acumen I needed to. Now I just want to take that and run with it.” While Jozi helped her develop her bill-paying skills, Durban offers more on the interpersonal level, “I love everything that I’ve learned in Joburg. And I love the balance that Durban brings, like the strong creativity, the strong Ubuntuness, the strong sense of community, and love, and support. So I feel like each city has its own strengths and weaknesses, you know?””

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